“Free-Thinking Renegade-ism”


To start your Tuesday, here is another note courtesy of Brian Grasso.

Yes, this ideology on living your life with courage, no fear, and complete confidence in your ability to create what you want can for sure extend beyond the realm of fitness goals. In other words, I hope it helps you in gaining the mindset to achieve your fitness, body composition, or athletic goals. You may also take more from it than that though. Enjoy!

“FTR” = Freethinking Renegade

The distinction is more simple than you likely realize.

In theory, at least.

It is the uncomplicated idioms that we have been conditioned to repeat through imagery, visualization and self-talk techniques.

In practice however, the line is for more complex.

Because while greatness does exist in all of us, very few opt to ever discover or make it operational.

The ‘paved road’ proves more innocuous.

The ‘lushness of comfort and ease’, far too persuasive.

The ‘bait of convenience’, an oasis within the storm of life.

In practice, what separates them (everyone else) from us (My “FTR Nation”) is a matter of engagement….

Freethinking Renegades, at their deepest, have an aching to see, do and be something extraordinary.

An aching.

Urgency pulsates; consumptive fire brims.

We are the beacons that have been foretold; the great creators of change that were prophesized.

And with grand audacity, we accept the role.

Or do we?

The paved road safety permits the consequence of enjoying the breath of life in this read, but maintaining an existence.

The lushness of comfort and ease allow us to press ‘like’, but carry on our day in muted passivity.

The bait of convenience enables our ability to offer empty commentary of agreement, but not truly adopt the “FTR” way.

It is infinitely more taxing to actually spread the message of Freethinking Renegade-ism by sharing these Notes and becoming a living testament to the cause.

Decisively more difficult to stop chanting the mantras and start creating your legacy.

Vastly more challenging to cease hiding behind the shield of satisfied; instead unleashing the audacious sword of fulfillment.

The visualization and imagery tools are useful.

The self-talk an important raft to begin your sail.

But in the end, Freethinking Renegades audaciously pursue.

To become extraordinary.

To do, see and create extraordinary things.

Be Audacious; Change the World.