What else are assessment results good for?


Its common to be told from a trainer that the results of the assessment they do at the commencement of training will be used for helping to choose the right exercises and just help design the program. I say this too, so I’m not bagging on other trainers out there by any means. However here are some other reasons why I find my own assessment valuable:

1. Designing the warm-up.

Yes, the warm-up is designed like the rest of the training session. Its also true that other reasons for the warm-up are to increase body temperature, prepare muscles and joints for movement, etc. A strategy is still needed though. The assessment gives me “areas of awareness” — things to focus on so that a client feels better/reduces long-term training-associated injury risk so the warm-up is where I start addressing these areas. In essence, we start working on one’s “weaknesses” right from the start of the session.

2. Productive rest periods.

Sometimes rest periods will be used to rest (referring to my clients’ sessions). Most of the time, I get them working on their weaknesses here too. Something that does not tax the muscles or heart rate too much. We get more done in the session, and we get significantly more reps of drills that can reduce one’s injury risk.

3. Interpersonal effectiveness.

As common sense as this may sound, it gives me another opportunity to interact with the client. We may discuss more about goals, previous training, how their season or off-season is going, injuries, etc. In fact it is not too infrequent that other seemingly non-inportant previous injuries get mentioned which may end up giving me more help to accomplish both points 1 and 2 above.

Also after discussing the results of the assessment, we can be on the same page about how the results of the assessment contribute to an effective program for their goal and their life. Plus with all this “extra” information, I can do a better job creating a program that gets the client to their goals.

Until next time!!