Do you move well? It impacts your fat loss!


What’s up everyone! If you’ve read some my past posts over at the website, welcome here! This will serve as a dedicated blog site for Body Performance Fitness.

Today, we’re kicking things off talking about mobility because believe it (or not), how well you move actually can have a direct impact on your fat loss results!

So onto the goods….

Don’t you just love mobility drills and the warmup part of your workouts?!


Weird, I guess it’s just me haha. (Full disclosure = that’s a lie. I look forward to deadlifting more than my warmups, but as “they” say its like eating your veggies)

Here’s why you SHOULD care if your goal is fat loss:

#1. If you have restricted movement, you can have a greater risk of injury as you progress in your fitness (via working out more intensely). You get injured = you miss time training = less calorie burn = fat loss slows/stops or WORSE: you get comfortable not exercising and are miserable for falling out of your once empowering routine.

#2. Restricted movement = reduced range of motion used on exercises (An example of this would be not going as low in a squat) = less muscular work = less calories burned during workouts = likelihood of reduced results from training.

#3. Restricted movement = less weight used in free weight exercises = less muscular work/effort = less calories burned during workouts = likelihood of reduced results from training.

It’s not always clear why flexibility and mobility drills are beneficial for a goal like fat loss – but that’s cool, at one time, people thought the world was flat – and things have turned out okay. Knowledge can be added to (via this blog…sorry, shameless/not-so-shameless plug).

See there is a reason to this mobility madness for all of you who want to get toned and look better J

Consider yourself primed and ready for the first Mobility of the Week installment comin’ so SO SOOOOOO SOON! (Hint= Friday!)

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