Your protein powder and you


Walk into a supplement store — Popeye`s and GNC are very popular up here in Toronto — and you will see walls lined with protein powders (and other supplements) from several different companies. Sure you may feel like I do (a kid in a candy store) but, in your immediate future lies a decision to be made.

Now to foreshadow, I am not going to tell you how to choose. I have a different lesson planned.

Anyways here`s the picture of the new protein powder I`m taking. It`s been great, plus I walked out of the store with some extra samples since it was just released!

As you can see its labelled as their “Probiotic Series”.

Why I switched was that the previous powder I was taking left me with some digestive issues, so I guess you could say I fell for the marketing and bought this one. I will say though that my digestion has been much better with this one — no complaints! Plus it meets all my protein powder basic needs: It tastes good.

So now for the lesson.

Many protein powders taste good. And depending on the quality they all have roughly the same grams per scoop. However also listen to your body — just like you would hopefully do with foods that you eat. If something is giving you unpleasant feelings, then listen to your body. Yes, even if it tastes awesome.

I do give this one a thumbs up though.

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