Upcoming weekend in Beantown


Its going to be an exciting couple of weeks here for me!
First off this weekend is a drive to Boston to attend the Perform Better 1-Day event in Beantown…Perform Better’s beginning of the year seminar ritual 🙂

I cannot recommend these events to any trainers I work with or have networked with, as it has given me the opportunity to meet so many reputable coaches which inspires me to elevate my game. My clients on the other hand, learn quickly that seminars usually mean new things when I get back.

I find this exciting. My clients are usually weary of this excitement….

Anyways, I will also be spending Friday afternoon at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Woburn checking out the new gym (I haven’t been since they were in the old Winchester facility). Its awesome to be able to email a mentor to come hang out at his (or her) gym. Always good for some extra education + Mike’s staff are top notch!

So I’ll be MIA over the weekend into next week when the craziness continues in Calgary. Time to load up some good music, mentally prepare for all those rotaries in Boston, and get my learn on!

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