Carries: When You Ain’t Got Kettlebells


More on carries…

After last Wednesday’s post where I described some carry variations I use besides the popular farmer’s carry, I took some video of how I adjust some of them based on equipment I have available for myself or my clients. Dumbbells are great for farmer’s carries, so that’s a pretty logical implement, however for the heartbeat walks and bottoms-up walks I mentioned, kettlebells are usually listed as the equipment of choice.

Now, I will agree that I think for those two carries in particular, kettlebells seem to be the best tool for the job, but this doesn’t mean they are the only tool! So in the videos, I show how I get them done with typical commercial gym equipment.

Grab a protein shake and enjoy!

I didn’t mention a type of carry which you use or have seen somewhere? Drop a comment below and spread the word!

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