I use Dr. Craig Liebenson’s T-spine drill


This is Dr. Craig Liebenson’s version of the t-spine (short for thoracic spine) which he is coaching during a presentation here in Toronto last fall. I could not attend, but saw this posted by one of the attendees. Then I tried it out, realized it was tough, liked it, and starting coaching it like this with my clients.

Some things I learned were to get the forearm on the ground further forward, and lifting the head (really demanding extra extension at the tspine) at the top of each rotation. The main cue I use now then is “Rotate up, lift your head up”.

Use it in the warm-up. Most people are stiff through their mid-back so motion is created at the low back or neck. Sort of a path of least resistance scenario. I’m not a chiropractor like Dr. Liebenson, so I haven’t played with the rib mobilizations he discusses in the video, but I feel the t-spine drill is gold. Just do it right.

It will play a part in maintaining as low an injury risk as possible so you can a) keep training without injury related layoffs, and b) keep kicking butt on the field/court/ice! After all, playing (and winning) is the ultimate goal, and you can’t win from the bench!

I almost forgot: do 1 set for 8-12 reps on each side.

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