Inspiration for those “tough days”


I’m back, a little tardy after the weekend, but we will get this show rocking anyhow.

I wanted to share something that I’ve found great value in, particularly with staying the course in anything difficult I am currently taking on in life…anything to do with change really.

This note that I’ve copied and pasted below is written by a mentor who has been a champion for change in the youth fitness industry. I’ve heard him lecture and spoken with him a couple times “off the stage”. One thing that has always inspired me is the passion in his voice when he speaks…there are no empty words. And this passion comes through in these “notes” I will be sharing weekly, because we all have tough days sticking to whatever changes we are trying to make: fat loss or muscle gain, getting into the gym consistently, changing nutritional habits, etc. Maybe it will help you stay focused on your goals too.

(I have also added Brian’s twitter feed if you are into twitter and would like to follow him).



“Opportunities are cultivated by your perspective…so are dead ends. Only successful people realize that there is a choice”

Opportunities to do great things abound; every day of your life.

Each second in your 24-hour cycle presents the possibility for you to ascend. They are embedded in the decisions you make in a given moment, the inner dialogue you converse with and entertain, but most certainly the outlook you opt to carry.

Your belief system will become your self-fulfilling prophecy.

What you prospectively see is what you will become; what you hold true about your reality is what your experiences will be.

The unsuccessful among us will forever reach for victimization and blame.  Casting their lures into the waters of unfair and apathy; and in doing so, reap precisely what it is they choose to see – forever finding the dead end.

Fortune does not favor the flawless or privileged.  It serves those willing to find it.

Your opportunity to cultivate a path that leads to fulfillment, success, joy and world-changing purpose will come into view the very second you decide to use your time for the intention of creating tremendous positivity and pursuing the nobility of adding value to the world.

Your clock is ticking with merciless disregard for the hopes and dreams you carry within… But if you opt to own each second and use it for the potential it holds, you will get to leave life without regret.

Be Adacious; Change the World.


PS – Brian’s twitter feed:!/TheBrianGrasso

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