Connecting increased strength with fat loss


Sometimes the idea of strength training for fat loss is not immediately visible. I receive questions or comments about it with many people who are interested in training, especially to achieve a new fat loss oriented goal. They wonder how the strength training will help/not build muscle or where all the cardio is. Here’s the short answer about strength training:

With strength training we are doing work in the physics sense. Work = force x distance. Work is energy in calories, distance usually stays the same for any given movement or exercise. We change weight though – increase it (getting stronger) – and increase the energy (calorie) value at the left of the equation.

This is the premise, that a heavier weight requires more energy to be moved a certain distance than a lighter weight. It is not strength for strength’s sake, but to keep burning more calories AND keep the body adapting.

Among the secondary benefits that come after are:

  • Maintaining muscle mass while losing fat (muscle cells burn energy all day long)
  • Preventing or slowing the development of osteoporosis and other aging processes
  • Trains balance and coordination

It is sort of like a recipe. Strength training is one of the ingredients because of the overall benefit to both one’s fat loss goal and to overall health. I hope the connection betwen the two is visible now, but if not please drop me a comment or an email (Click the “Contact” link).

Did you have an excellent week getting closer to your goals? Let me know! In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!


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