Tipping Point: Tracking your Progress


Here’s the quick tip for the day: Don’t let yourself off the hook.

You have a goal to lose x number of pounds or train x times per week, etc. Hopefully you’re tracking the numbers to see if you’re making progress or if you need to get yourself back on track.

With the latter scenario, sometimes just tracking progress can be a chore. You don’t want to see that you didn’t lose any weight right?; you already know it based on how you’ve eaten last weekend.

My coaching? Do it anyway.

It probably won’t be comfortable seeing the numbers or reviewing that food or training journal, but it keeps you focused on your goal or will get you re-focused on it.

That will be much more effective than the easier, more comfortable choice.

It is also a powerful action because you’re risking looking bad. That’s powerful because you’re not hiding from the truth!

Here’s to you staying committed to your goal. Stay strong!


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