Walking: exercise or not?


Have you found those 10 minutes somewhere in your day?

Moving on, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, especially up here in Toronto where we are having some extra days of summer weather! Anyways today we are talking about walking, and the big question: does it count as exercise or not?

Short answer: It depends.

It depends because one’s fitness level matters.

Remember that to change your fitness or your body, you need to challenge it. Get out of your fitness comfort zone, if you will. So for those that have not exercised in a long time, a decent paced walk may be strenuous enough to cause the body to adapt. However, this is largely isolated to a beginner level because your body gets used to the stress fairly quickly since it is not very intense.

The other side of the coin becomes: does this mean walking is useless for everyone else?

Not at all!!

Walking is still beneficial; whether it is as a means of socialization or a vehicle for introspection, etc etc you cannot go wrong by walking more. Also once we achieve that level of fitness, we can also consider it “bonus” physical activity. A term used in the exercise community is non-exercise physical activity or NEPA.

Please consider this also applies to things like gardening and housework. Both definitely physical activity at times, just not exercise.

That’s it from here. Have a great week, and stay committed to your goals – especially if today turns out to be one of those tough days. Talk soon!


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