10 minutes a day for you


10 minutes a day.

I love this concept (from Kelly Starrett of www.mobilitywod.com), which really hits home when you consider the future. For example 2 months. 60 days. Adding up to 600 minutes. 600 minutes of what? Read on!

We stretch, we foam roll (or use a tennis ball), we activate, and the key is in the consistency and repetition. Little changes over time add up. However with one of two or three workouts a week, enough consistency may not be there to truly make any changes permanent. So your tight muscles might be loosened up, but tighten back up a day or two later. If you foam roll and reduce the tenderness resulting from applying pressure on the tissue, it may go and tense up again if the nervous still sees the need for this “faux” stability.

The solution may be fairly simple, but it is still a lifestyle change as you would have to find (make) time to get the foam rolling, stretching, etc in.

Why is the solution simple?

You will only need 10 minutes a day.

To grasp the simplicity further consider how much time you spend watching tv in a day. Most people watch SOMETHING for more than 10 minutes. Yes, an opportunity to multi-task! Multi-taking or not, your body doesn’t really care, but it will feel better each day.

That is of course provided you do the right things.

I will be expanding on the last point to give you a map for this journey. Until then just see where you can get 10 minutes a day. Its an investment in yourself.

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