Inchworms in the Warm-up


This could easily be titled “Exercises re-visited: Episode 1”. Basically I used to include this in my warm-ups with my clients however I wasn’t happy with how they were being performed. I saw value in them, just not enough to outweigh my impressions of the learning curve.

So why have I re-thought it?

What I used to think was it was a drill that “warmed up” anti-rotation stability. What I didn’t like was there was a ton of weight shift during the movement, which makes sense considering it is performed with a narrow stance — the classic pushup position of feet next to eachother. In terms of anti-rotation though, shifting body position isn’t efficient.

I now look at it as two things:

1. It gives me another chance to train anti-extension.

This is still for the core, just the thought process behind the stress I am trying to elicit has changed. Seeing this used as a correction for the trunk stability pushup (as per the Functional Movement Screen) opened my eyes. To drive this, my cue is walk the arms out as far as possible without letting the core position change (sag).

2. Serratus activation.

The serratus gets recruited with each step the hands take forward. Also once we get the hands above shoulder height, some good upward rotation can be facilitated. So while we are getting some extra work for the core, we get some corrective or maintenance work regarding function of the shoulder blades and shoulder complex in general.

I will get a video up as it definitely isn’t a very common exercise in most gyms. It will also better explain how doing the exercise properly leads to these two benefits listed above. So, enjoy the video, let me know if you have any comments or questions below, and if you haven’t used this drill in a while have fun trying it out!


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